Data Analysis

Data Master 2000 includes several basic numeric analysis operations as well as powerful data processing tools. By default these commands available in the Process menu of the main window. Data analysis operations act on the selected range of data of plot or worksheet viewers of the active data window. If no correct data range available (some operations require more than two lines!) these commands may be disabled.

The most of operations require a range of worksheet lines, and X, Y columns. If worksheet viewer is focused, operation will work with the selection of worksheet, otherwise it will use data range from the current plot serie (worksheet reference, first and last line, X and Y columns). Some operations work only with plot serie, while others are disabled until worksheet viewer is not focused.

Keep in mind that all abovementioned operations simply ignore plot selection since they are non-local, i.e. require several adjacent points to calculate the result. If they would use selection, this requirement may be violated.

In addition to the basic numeric operations discussed above, Process menu contains several powerful data processing tools that include special complex dialog procedures (click links for more information):

It should be specially remarked that DM2000 is programmable environment. With additional scripts and HTML-based user interface you may easily extend basic set of numeric operations and create powerful batch processing functions. See sample files supplied with DM2000 (in the archive) for examples.