DMApplication demo

This page demonstrates some features of root DM2000 object - DMApplication. This object should be used to control application-level behavior and provides access to opened document windows. You can inspect and change values of properties, invoke methods of interfaces and see what happens!

DM2000 has a number of Action objects that represent every action invoked by UI controls. For example, File|New menu command and toolbar button both associated with the same action object named "NewAction". You can execute any action with ExecuteCommand(Name) member of IDMApplication interface, and you have access to action object properties via IsCommandXXX members.

Select action:
Attributes: Visible Enabled Checked

DisplayMessage(msg) and DisplayHint(hint) members of IDMApplication should be used to output messages to DM2000 status line:

CreateDocument(FileName) member returns reference to new empty document if FileName is empty, load file or create document from template if FileName has extension *.dmw:

Two members, SetExpSettings(settings) and RecordPoint(Labels,Values) used by experimental program to pass its settings and data points into DM2000:

Settings/Column Labels: Values: