This simple object provides access to plot axes. Only informational properties are exposed - other properties that affect visual presentation of axis can be changed only by means of DM2000 UI.

Property property Min: Double

Property property Max: Double

Axis ranges. Note that if you want to fix axis range you have to clear AutoScale flag.

Property property Margins: Double

This property defines margins between axis range given by Min,Max and calculated by series data. Value of 0.1 corresponds to approximately 10% blank space. This property should be used in conjunction with AutoScale.

Property property AutoScale: boolean

If this flag set to true every time when plot will be repainted new axis range will be automatically calculated. All nonempty series take part in autoscaling.

Property property Title: bstr

Axis may have a title. If this property is not empty axis title will be visible.

Property property Expression: bstr

The most interesting property of axis. You may transform all data series simultaneously if you assign valid expression to this property. See UI help for details about expression syntax and allowed arguments and function names.