DMNotes object provides interface to DM2000 Notes window. You can use this interface for logging or other similar purposes, just as another "output device" or "console". It has full bidirectional data access and very simple in use. It is important that Notes editor is the only way to automatically process text files, for example, you can analyze description files. Actions, selection and clipboard operations in the Notes window are not supported.

Read/only property r/o property LineCount: long

Returns number of lines in Notes editor.

Property property Lines[Index: long]: bstr

Used to change selected line in Notes editor. Index ranges from 0 to LineCount-1.

Method procedure AddLine(Line: bstr)

Adds line to the end of editor's text.

Method procedure InsertLine(Position: long; Line: bstr)

Inserts line at specified position (0..LineCount-1).

Method procedure DeleteLine(Position: long)

Deletes selected line.

Method procedure Clear

Clear contents of Notes editor.

Method procedure Load(FileName: bstr)

Allows you to load text file into Notes editor.

Method procedure Save(FileName: bstr)

Saves contents of Notes editor to disk file.

Property property Text: bstr

This property represents the contents of Notes editor as a single string. Lines are separated by standard CRLF characters.