As far as application contains collection of document windows and document windows contain Container, Worksheet and Plot, DMPlot, in turn, contains axes and collection of series. In addition to child object references DMPlot supports selection and the standard set of clipboard operations. Note that unlike DM2000 UI you can only add new series but have no ability to remove it.

Read/only property r/o property SerieCount: long

Returns number of series in Series[] collection.

Property property SerieIndex: long

Like one of document windows is active, one of plot series is current. Current serie displayed in serie toolbar and most of UI operations act on the current serie. This property allows you to change index of current serie programmatically (series are indexed from 0 to SerieCount-1).

Read/only property r/o property CurrentSerie: IDispatch

This property returns current serie object; it is equal to Series[SerieIndex].

Read/only property r/o property Series[Index: long]: IDispatch

Collection of serie objects. Index range from 0 to SerieCount-1. This property gives you "random access" to plot series.

Method function AddSerie: IDispatch

Add new empty serie to the end of Series[] collection. Note that this method does not change SerieIndex property.

Read/only property r/o property XAxis: IDispatch

Read/only property r/o property YAxis: IDispatch

These properties provide access to plot axes objects.

Property property SelectionTop: Double

Property property SelectionBottom: Double

Property property SelectionLeft: Double

Property property SelectionRight: Double

Change plot selection coordinates. Note that plot selection may be invisible; nevertheless all clipboard operations work fine (although appropriate UI commands are disabled!).

Method procedure Select(X1: Double; X2: Double; Y1: Double; Y2: Double)

Like for worksheet this method changes all selection coordinates simultaneously. Note that Y1 set SelectionBottom, Y2 - SelectionTop.

Method procedure CopyToClipboard(Mode: PlotCopyModes; UseTabs: boolean)

CopyToClipboard() does different things depend on Mode parameter:

Copied all points from current serie whose coordinates belong to selected plot area UseTabs parameter has the same meaning as for worksheet.

Method procedure Delete

Delete all points (data elements) whose coordinates belong to selected plot area. Delete method also works only with current serie.