DMWorksheet at a first glance looks and operates just as common table processor. But unlike office table processors, it can easily handle huge amounts of lines and is much more specific: you can work only with contents of data files stored in data container. While you can (optionally) display data from different containers on the same plot, internal connection between data window and worksheet in DM2000 is strictly fixed. Note that number of columns in the worksheet  is fixed too (but the length of data item may vary, even in the same data file!).

Property property ColumnLabels[Index: long]: bstr

Column labels are displayed in nonscrolling worksheet area. Unlike data items, columns are numbered from 1(A) to 26(Z). Column labels in DM2000 are not saved together with data but can be stored in MetaBase instead.

Method procedure Scroll(Line: long)

Simply scrolls worksheet so that required line become visible. Usually it will be at the top of the scrollable area of the worksheet.

Property property XColumn: long

Property property YColumn: long

These two properties determine what columns are treated as "X" and "Y". Unlike table processors many operations in DM2000 require a range of lines and position of X and Y columns. As well as with UI you can set these values programmatically. Column numbers must be always in range 1..26 (see ColumnLabels above).

Property property SelectionTop: long

Property property SelectionBottom: long

Property property SelectionLeft: long

Property property SelectionRight: long

These properties allows you to manipulate with worksheet selection. You can set any selection coordinate individually or set them all at once with Select() or SelectAll() methods. Note that Copy/Paste/Delete methods work only with selection!

Method procedure Select(Left, Right, Top, Bottom: long)

Method procedure SelectAll

These two methods allows you to change worksheet selection as a whole. If you need to change selection so that new top is below old bottom or new left is greater than old right this way is preferred.

Method procedure CopyToClipboard(UseTabs: boolean)

Copy selected worksheet cells to clipboard as a simple text block. UseTabs parameter defines what character will be used as separator between values: some programs can correctly paste values only if they are separated by tabstop.

Method procedure PasteFromClipboard(InsertLines, Overwrite: boolean)

Paste text from clipboard. Text must contain lines of values separated by spaces, commas or tabstops. Data is pasted from topleft selected cell. If InsertLines is true, new lines will be added, else existing lines will be modified according to second parameter. If Overwrite mode specified, cell contents are replaced else data from clipboard will be inserted at selected position.

Method procedure Delete

Delete selected worksheet cells. In general, 4 abovementioned methods act exactly as appropriate UI commands from Edit menu.