Impedancemeter simulator

This page simulates impedance measurements using Data Master 2000.

Only frequency sweep cycles are supported. Output file has 3 columns: R=Re(Z), X=Im(Z) and F for simple serial RC circuit. To run this demo you shoud follow next 4 steps:

  1. First be sure that DM2000 properly registered as automation server. This application supports OLE self-registration so if you don't concerned about registration you should simply run DM2000.EXE.
  2. Create 2 windows for R(F) and X(F) plots with "New File" button.
  3. Once windows are ready you can start "experiment" by pressing "Start/Stop" button that controls timer. While current frequency value is within allowed range it will be automatically changed every second (step should be negative for reverse counting!), and you can stop process pressing this button again.
  4. You can write several curves on the same plot: stop record data, change RC parameters (don't forget to update changes!), and start new curve with "Next Serie" button.
Start Frequency: Step Frequency: Stop Frequency:
R: C:

Update current frequency

Notice: this demo works ONLY in the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher, and requires fast computer because interprocess late binding technology used in this online example is very processor-intensive.