Online Manuals

This page lists Data Master 2000 online documentation, divided into the following two major parts:

User's Guide focused on the detailed descriptions of all DM2000 tools and features, including windows, dialog boxes, menu commands, etc. Also this part discusses installation issues and suggests effective techniques of using DM2000 software for analysis, processing and editing data.
The key feature of Data Master 2000 is its open architecture and programmability. Unlike the most of similar products it uses standard integrated scripting engines and interprocess communication technologies, such as OLE Automation, both built in Windows. As a result, you can easily create your own applications on the base of DM2000 in the same manner as for popular desktop applications from Microsoft Office family. Programmer's Guide provides important information about DM2000 object model and includes detailed programming reference.

It should be mentioned that the most of online documentation is included in the help file provided with DM2000 application. However, web site may have more recent versions of help topics and contains important supplementary information that may not appear in the product documentation.