Monitor Window

Monitor window should be used to display and control data stream recorded by external TCP/IP - based application (see data acquisition overview for more information about measurement automation applications). Another main function of Monitor is to maintain data windows that are used to accumulate incoming data. Window control commands may be also used in simple automation - enabled data acquisition applications, although it's recommended to implement customized window management. Monitor actions may be divided into three groups (see picture below):

How to use Monitor window to record data stream generated by TCP/IP - based application (or automation - enabled application if it uses IDMApplication.RecordPoint() method instead of IDMDocument properties and methods)? Really it takes a few clicks:

  1. Run both applications and connect DM2000 to the TCP/IP server;
  2. Create new data window (File|New menu item) and mark it as "recording";
  3. Start measurement and record at least two points into this data window;
  4. Set X and Y columns in the worksheet (see keyboard shortcuts how) and plot data (View|Plot Lines).

When you plot worksheet lines in the window marked as "recording", current serie also will be automatically set for displaying new points. However, you can configure any serie independently. In addition, you may easily start display new curve with special command.

Notice that you may easily configure toolbar of the main window to display actions from the Monitor: open Customize Toolbars dialog box (View|Toolbars|Customize), select Actions tab, select Monitor Form action list, then drag actions onto the toolbar of the main window.