Serie Manager

Every data window in DM2000 has a worksheet and a plot, and any plot can display unlimited number of "series" (curves). To display worksheet data, each "serie" has a reference to the associated worksheet (by default, all preconfigured series associated with the worksheet of the same window). Keep in mind that any data window may be referenced, hence, one plot can display data from several different worksheets. When user closes data window, all references to this window are cleared, and appropriate series become empty and not displayed. Since series have a lot of properties and DM2000 allows sufficiently complex graphs, series management may be not straightforward. Fortunately, DM2000 has convenient solution - Serie Manager Window. It displays various series properties for the plot of the active data window, but unlike simple plot legend, it supports a lot of operations available from standard toolbar or pop-up menu.

Serie Manager consists of two lists: data window list (on the left, this list can be hidden) and series list that displays properties of the all series of the plot of the active data window. Both lists have their own pop-up menus with appropriate sets of available operations. The most interesting is series list: you can apply standard editing commands such as Copy or Paste to the selected serie object. When serie object is copied to the clipboard, you may paste it not only in the series list, but in the plot of any data window (note that you can't copy series between different instances of DM2000!). If you check "Paste data" flag from the pop-up menu, Paste operations on series objects will not use visual attributes like colors, line and point styles etc.

In addition to standard editing commands you may conveniently rename series (edit caption property), reorder, add new series, select lines in the worksheet referenced by given serie object, and plot lines of the associated worksheet (when you perform this operation, X and Y columns, first and last line will be set in accordance with selected worksheet cells). Some of these commands also are available in the View main menu and plot pop-up menu.

Serie Manager window may be floating or docked into DM2000 main window. When floating, it has its own toolbar; otherwise it is invisible and uses toolbar (and status line) of the main window instead. For example, when Serie Manager has input focus, edit commands from the main menu will act on the selected serie object.

Notice: although serie objects in DM2000 may be deleted (starting from build #102), you may find more convenient to "clear", or make serie empty by setting XColumn=YColumn=FirstLine=LastLine=-1. Empty series marked by red "X" and not displayed.