Serie Properties

DM2000 has powerful graphic engine that can display not only raw numeric data, but arbitrary functions calculated dynamically without actual data changes. There's two types of series: data and functional. Data series must be associated with worksheet and display worksheet data. Functional series don't use numeric data; instead, points coordinates are calculated. X coordinates belong linear grid ranged from Xmin to Xmax and divided into selected number of equal intervals, Y coordinates defined as a result of evaluation of Y expression at the X grid nodes. Note that Y expression for functional series MUST depend only on X, hence, the only allowed parameter in Y expression will be cx. Also note that X axis expression does not affect on the functional series (Y axis expression does). See expression syntax for more details about available functions and operators.

Serie Properties dialog box should be used to change various parameters of the selected serie, grouped on three tabs: Data, View and Info.

Data properties:

View properties:

Info properties:

Note that if data range is invalid (for example, you select third column (D), but worksheet has only two non-empty columns), or an error occurred when serie expression(s) are evaluated, the data sources will be automatically cleared (so serie will be marked as empty and not plotted), and appropriate error message will be displayed in the status bar.

Use context-sensitive help (F1 key and [?] button) to get more detailed information about controls.