Expression syntax

Why need expressions? Expression evaluations used in various DM2000 features:

Any expression in DM2000 consists of function and parameter names, operator signs, parenthesis and spaces. While all valid operators and, in general, internal functions are allowed in almost any expression, available set of parameters depends on the feature that uses given expression. All names are case-insensitive.

Built-in function names, X denotes argument(s):


Parameter identifiers:

Example: suppose that you want to plot data in log scale. You should open axis or serie properties dialog box and set appropriate expression: log(cx) and/or log(cy). If you set serie expression(s) only selected serie will be transformed; in case of axis expression all series will be transformed.

Another example: in many cases the electrical conductivity of semiconductors obeys so-called "activation law": R~exp(Ea/kT). You can easily linearize R(T) dependence by plotting ln(R) vs. 1/T: just set X expression ln(cx) and Y expression 1/cy.

Notice: DM2000 application supports global history list for all features that uses expressions. This list may be remembered as a part of configuration information.